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Winner News - 2017

Our most current press releases are listed below.

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  Winner Name, City and Prize Amount
7/24/17 Picture Ankeny Group Wins $27,063.65
7/18/17 Picture Latesha Phillips of Walthill, NE wins $30,000
7/18/17 Picture Nickie Chaplin of Hubbard wins $10,000
7/18/17 Picture Susan Lepperd of Des Moines wins $10,000
7/17/17 Picture Debbie Pille of Carroll Wins $100,000
7/17/17 Picture Farrah and Roylee Richardson of Buffalo Win $50,000
7/14/17 Picture Carrel Barlow of Carlisle Wins $50,000
7/12/17 Picture Stephen Linnett of West Des Moines Wins $30,000
7/12/17 Picture Nathaniel Nelson of Jamaica Wins $10,000
7/06/17 Picture Tim Klug of Des Moines Wins $10,000
7/06/17 Picture James Hunt of Ackley Wins $10,000
7/06/17 Picture Chelsea Bell of Wellman Wins $50,000
7/05/17 Picture Bruce Majors of Bedford Wins $30,000
7/05/17 Picture George Wilson of Albia Wins $10,000