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Ringgold County Man Buys A Pizza And A $300,000-Winning Lottery Ticket

Robert Strange Claims Top Prize In 'Ultimate Riches' Scratch Game

Robert Strange

CLIVE, Iowa - A Ringgold County man picked up a pizza at his local Casey's, 300 W. South St. in Mount Ayr, then decided to purchase an "Ultimate Riches" scratch ticket, too, and won a $300,000 lottery prize.

"Friday night, went into Casey's to pick up a pizza and I thought, 'Well, I'll buy a ticket,'" explained Robert "Bob" Strange. "Took it home, scratched it. Then I took it in, give it to my wife. I said, 'Check that, see if I won anything.'"

Strange's wife, Barb, didn't see the win at first.

"The first time she looked at it, she said, 'You didn't win anything,'" said Strange. "And I said, 'Check it again.' And then she just had a fit."

Strange, who is 71 and retired, came to lottery headquarters in Clive on Monday and claimed the fifth of eight top prizes of $300,000 available in the Iowa Lottery's Ultimate Riches scratch game.

"When I first scratched it, I thought, 'Well, I got my money back,'" he said. "Then I scratched a little more and it's $300. I thought, 'What?' So I scratched a little more and it's $300,000. I thought, 'Dang. I don't believe this.'"

As for how Strange and his wife plan to use the winnings…

"She's got different ideas than I have," laughed Strange.

Ultimate Riches is the Iowa Lottery's first-ever $30 scratch game. More details about how to play this game, and number of prizes still up for grabs in it can be found on the Iowa Lottery's website,

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