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Winner News - 2016

Our most current press releases are listed below.

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  Winner Name, City and Prize Amount
12/28/16 Picture & audio Mechelle Woolison of Rock Island, IL Wins $25,000
12/28/16 picture available Amber Bryant of Des Moines Wins $50,000
12/28/16 picture available Catherine Ingham of Ames Wins $30,000
12/28/16 picture available Stanley Willer of Pleasant Hill Wins $10,000
12/23/16 Picture & audio Michael Duval of Joice Wins $30,000
12/23/16 picture available Mary Jane Jestre of Charles City Wins $10,000
12/22/16 picture available Joseph Livingston of Davenport Wins $250,000
12/22/16 Picture & audio Alexis Johnson of Sioux City Wins $10,000
12/22/16 Picture & audio Dusty Baker of Lawton Wins $10,000
12/14/16 picture available Collin Pfeiler of Dubuque Wins $30,000
12/13/16 Picture & audio Shari Beenken of Titonka Wins $10,000
12/9/16 picture available Zachary Lynch of Northlake, IL Wins $100,000
12/9/16 picture available Veronica Vicencio de Ramirez of Iowa City Wins $30,000
12/8/16 Picture & audio Wendy Norton of Waukon Wins $10,000
12/8/16 picture available Jerith Shaw of Corning Wins $125,000
12/6/16 Picture & audio Joel Sandry of Donahue Wins $13,135
12/6/16 picture available Jesse Mazzoccoli of Warsaw, IL Wins $25,000
12/2/16 Picture & audio Tyrell Gingerich of Kalona Wins $10,000
12/2/16 Picture & audio Dwaine Frantzen of Saint Donatus Wins $8,546
12/1/16 Picture & audio Tony Dunn of Parkersburg Wins $100,000
12/1/16 picture available Roger Petersen of Lake View Wins $100,000
12/1/16 picture available Mary Myers of Des Moines Wins $50,000