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Powerball® Jackpot Pushes Higher

Strong Sales In Iowa And Across Country Raise Estimate For Wednesday Drawing

CLIVE, Iowa – Initial estimates for Wednesday's Powerball jackpot have been raised, with the giant prize climbing to an estimated at $700 million annuity, $443.3 million lump-sum option. That is the second-largest prize in the history of the game and also ranks No. 2 on the list of the largest lottery prizes ever offered in North America. With strong sales in Iowa and across the country, it's possible that the final jackpot amount could be even higher by the time of the drawing.


When the jackpot gets up there like it is now, office pools really kick into gear as people have fun buying tickets together. In fact, the winners of the largest Powerball prize claimed in Iowa were members of an office pool. The Iowa Lottery offers these reminders on its website to keep your group play hassle free:

  • Know the rules for your group and put them in writing. Some issues you may want to cover include: If a regular playing member is not present on lottery collection day, will they be included or excluded? What if a regular player has someone else put in money towards their share, do both players receive an equal split? Can players come in and out of the group? When the rules are in writing, there is no question about how to split the funds.
  • Keep a list of everyone who puts in money for a particular drawing and how much they contribute. Allow contributions only from those who are at least 21 years old, the legal minimum age to purchase lottery tickets in Iowa.
  • Provide everyone in your pool with photos or copies of the group's tickets before the drawing. This should include the identifying numbers on the back of the tickets. (Remember that photocopies can't be used to claim a prize – only the actual ticket can be used.) You may also want to tell people the name and address of the retail location where the tickets were purchased and the approximate time of the purchase.
  • If the person buying the tickets for your pool also wants to buy tickets on their own, the two purchases should be kept separate. Consider buying the two sets of tickets at different locations so it is clear which tickets are for the group and which are for that individual.
  • If you win a jackpot as part of a group, remember the entire group has to choose the annuity or lump-sum option. Some members can't choose one option while others take the other. It's an either/or situation.


When the jackpot really climbs, the Iowa Lottery does hear from folks who say that the big prize should automatically be split up amongst more people. They argue that the current amount is just too much for one person.

But Powerball sales don't reflect that perspective. The higher the jackpot goes, the higher sales go. And the higher sales go, the higher the jackpot climbs. It appears that people are voting with their pocketbooks on this issue...


A ticket purchased in Iowa came within one number of having at least a share of Saturday's jackpot. That ticket matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to win a $50,000 prize. A Hiawatha woman claimed that prize Monday. Deborah Barron, 68, bought her winning ticket at Hy-Vee, 5050 Edgewood Road in Cedar Rapids.

A total of 49,710 plays purchased by Iowa Lottery players won prizes ranging from $4 up to $50,000 in Saturday's drawing.


With the jackpot continuing its big run, the Iowa Lottery continues to urge the public to play responsibly. "You've seen us say this many times, and we really mean it," said Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich. "It only takes one ticket to win. Have fun playing Powerball, but play within your means and don't get in over your head. The fun of our games is that you can do a lot of dreaming for just a few dollars."


Iowa Lottery players have won eight Powerball jackpots. The biggest Powerball prize won to date in Iowa was a $241 million jackpot claimed in June 2012 by The Shipping 20, a group of co-workers from the Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids.

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