Featured Retailer: Garner TownMart
260 W. Highway 18

Garner Co-Op Counts on Scratch Tickets

L&M employeesMember-owned cooperative Garner TownMart creates a fun environment in its store, and lottery products are a big part of that, said Lottery District Sales Representative Kevin Claxton.

Store Manager Keith Hood said he knows the co-op model "guarantees" him customers, but added the staff works hard to attract new customers and loves lottery players.

"Lottery customers buy other things when they're here," Hood said.

He added that a "coffee group" of members buys lottery tickets from a pool of their funds and then splits the winnings. Hood appreciates the time they spend playing lottery. He said it's good for the store when the regulars win and spread the word.

Claxton said when he visits on Friday mornings, the tables in back are usually full of customers, many of whom are playing the lottery.

"They are excellent to work with. Being a co-op, they're trying to do things for their members," Claxton said.

Mason City Regional Manager Roger Pauly said independent retailers and co-ops like TownMart are a pleasure to work with.

In fiscal year 2018 to date, Garner TownMart's lottery sales total more than $200,000, the majority of which is scratch tickets.

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