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Woo Hoo A Million For You Giveaway
Promotion FAQs

Eligible Tickets

Which tickets are eligible for the promotion?

Only Powerball® tickets purchased in Iowa during the promotion period are eligible.

If I've bought a Powerball ticket in Iowa, does that mean I'm automatically entered in the promotion?

No. You need to login to your VIP Club account and enter the ticket into the promotion to have a chance to win the $1 million prize.

Can I enter tickets from any other lotto games in the promotion?

Tickets in any games other than Powerball are ineligible. Any entries from games other than Powerball will be disqualified.

During what period of time does my ticket have to be purchased to be eligible to enter in the promotion?

To be eligible for entry in this promotion, Powerball tickets must have been purchased on Wednesday, May 29 through 8:59 a.m. on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

Can I enter winning Powerball tickets in the promotion?

Yes, winning and nonwinning Powerball tickets are eligible to be entered.

If my ticket has multiple plays on it, will that count as more than one entry into the promotion?

No. Each ticket entered counts as one entry into the promotion, regardless of the number of plays on it, or the number of Powerball drawings for which the ticket is eligible.

Do I need to keep my Powerball ticket after I enter it?

No, you do not have to keep your ticket to be eligible to win in the promotion. However, be sure to check any of your Powerball tickets to see if they've won a prize in the Wednesday or Saturday drawing for which you bought them!

Promotion Prize

How many prizes are available in this promotion?

There will be one drawing for one prize of $1 million cash on June 19.

If I am the winner, how do I claim the $1 million prize?

The $1 million winner must claim the prize in person at Lottery Headquarters in Clive.

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