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Welcome Iowa Lottery Retailers

At the Iowa Lottery, we extend our sincere thanks to our retailers in all 99 counties for helping us make a difference for Iowa. If your location would like to become a lottery retailer, the links below provide details for you about licensing, compensation and contact information.

Together, the Iowa Lottery and its retail partners responsibly generate revenues for important state causes, create prize winners and drive local economies across the state. We're proud of that significant history and look forward to continuing to work with you to deliver a local entertainment option to the Iowans we serve.

Check out the links below to learn more:

  • Licensing: Learn how to become a retailer.
  • Compensation: Learn about commissions earned and how to earn additional bonus cash.
  • Forms & Guidebooks: This section contains many links to forms and guidelines used by the retailer. The retailer newsletter Lottery Action is also included here.
  • FAQ & Tips: This area answers many other questions you may have as a retailer.
  • Contact Information: Telephone numbers for the Lottery and its vendors such as Scientific Games and Pollard Banknote.

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