Retailer Licensing Information

The Iowa Lottery's sales network is 2,400 retailers strong. Lottery tickets bring customers into those locations and create excitement when players win! In addition, retailers receive a valuable revenue stream from the commissions for selling lottery tickets.

How to Become an Iowa Lottery Retailer

For those interested in becoming a lottery retailer, a lottery license is required. Receive an application form by contacting a "Regional Sales Office".

Once your application has been received and approved, a lotto terminal and communication system will be installed at your business. Your lottery license will allow you to sell scratch tickets, pull-tabs, InstaPlay and lotto. The lottery's sales staff will work with you to place and install ticket dispensers, determine what games to sell and how many games to have for sale.


Retail-industry surveys have repeatedly shown that lottery tickets are a leading reason customers visit retail locations. Those same surveys also have shown that a majority of lottery customers buy something else while they're at the retail location. Lottery products create excitement and give your customers the chance to win great prizes.


A $25 fee must be paid to the Iowa Lottery and submitted along with your application form.

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