Cash Lift

Win Up To $50,000!

Cash LiftHow To Play

Start at the bottom of the ticket and work your way up each game column by revealing the symbol underneath. If you find an arrow, continue up to the next square in that game column. If you find a "Stop" sign, that game column is over without winning a prize. If you reach the top of all 6 boxes without revealing a "Stop" sign, you win prize shown at the top of that game column. Reveal a Cash Stack in a game column, win prize shown at the top of that game column automatically. Each game column plays separately.

Important Dates
Game Start: 7/3/2017  
End Distribution:  
Official Game End:  
Last Day To Redeem Prizes:  

Prizes and Odds:

Prize Odds
$5.00 1 in 6.00
$10.00 1 in 10.91
$15.00 1 in 60.00
$25.00 1 in 60.00
$50.00 1 in 249.78
$100.00 1 in 1,611.82
$200.00 1 in 3,354.32
$1000.00 1 in 24,822.00
$50,000.00 1 in 124,110.00
Overall Odds 1 in 3.37
For more information see the Cash Lift Game Rules PDF