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Play Smart, Be Informed

Play It Smart, Be Informed

Play Smart, Be Informed

The more you know, the more fun you'll have when you play the Iowa Lottery. That's where this player's guide comes in. We've got tips and tools here to help you make informed decisions as you buy lottery tickets.

Think of it this way: You wouldn't buy a new vehicle or even a phone without first doing your research. So just like you gather information in other areas of your life, you can choose to be informed when you play the lottery.

At the Iowa Lottery, we care about you as a player and want you to play responsibly. You've heard us say it before: Playing smart is a lot more fun. The information here can help you do just that.

Play Responsibly

Know Your Limits, Play Within Your Means

Understand The Odds Before You Play

Resources To Learn More About Lottery Odds And Prizes

Win Responsibly

Lottery Myths vs. The Facts

Test Your Understanding

If You Think It's Gotten Beyond Your Control