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Below you will find VIP Club FAQ's in areas of General Questions, Log-in Account Issues, Ticket Entry & Drawings.

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VIP Club: General Questions

What is the VIP Club?

The VIP Club is a club you can join to gain additional benefits from the Iowa Lottery including:

Exclusive Promotions
Enter Play It Again® promotions for chances to win cash and prizes!

Surprise Contests
You never know when you'll receive an email to enter special contests for free tickets, merchandise or other prizes - and no purchase is necessary!

Monthly Newsletter with a FREE lottery ticket play
Sent right to your inbox each month.

VIP Club: Registration, Account, Login Issues

How do I join the VIP Club?

Just click on the Join Now! on the website or in the LotteryPlus app and follow the instructions. It's a simple and FREE process!

What is the LotteryPlus app and how do I get it?

You can use the app to:

  • check tickets to see how much you've won
  • check winning numbers
  • see current lotto and InstaPlay jackpots
  • join the VIP Club and enter Play It Again® promotions
  • and much more!

The LotteryPlus app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Using your mobile device, navigate to the site you use to download apps and search for "Iowa Lottery LotteryPlus." Or, you may use the link above to visit our mobile app page, where there are links to each platform's app store.

How do I sign up for the VIP Club using the app?

  1. Open the app and tap the "VIP Club" button.
  2. Choose the "Join Now!" link.
  3. Fill out the "New Member Registration Form" completely, including accepting the "Terms and Conditions" and tapping the "Submit" button.
  4. You'll receive an email from the VIP Club with a one-time code. If you don't see the email, please check your junk/spam folder. Also, please add to your safe contacts list.
  5. Copy or write down the code then tap the "VIP Club" button in the app.
  6. Type in your email and copy or type in the one-time code from the email you just received.
  7. After logging in with the one-time code, you will be prompted to set your password.

Why won't the form accept an entry -- such as an email address or password -- even though the information is correct?

Certain fields have specific formatting requirements. So even if you enter the correct information, if it is not formatted properly, it will not be accepted.

  • Email: You must enter a valid email address. If the "Email" field does not contain a "@", or has an extra space, or is less than six characters; it will NOT be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: The lottery's computer system changes email addresses to all capital letters when processing them. This has NO effect on the delivery of emails or your ability to sign up for the Club.
  • Password: Passwords must be between 8 and 16 characters long and cannot contain spaces or special characters, such as: "*|,\":<>[]{}\';()@&#%$. If the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields do not match, you will receive an error.

I never received the email to finalize my registration OR to reset my password?

The first step is to check to see if the email is in your Junk or Spam folder. Then be sure that you have added "" to your address book to ensure you receive future emails.

It is also possible that your email provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider) is employing spam filters that are inadvertently preventing you from getting our emails. Spam filters employed by ISPs are extremely indiscriminate and far from foolproof. As a result, legitimate emails often get tagged as "spam." If you feel your emails are being inadvertently blocked at the ISP level, please contact your ISP for assistance.

Why can't two people use the same email address to register?

An email address is used for your login credentials, which means each member must have a unique email address in our system.

Can I open a VIP Club account for my office pool/community association/other group?

VIP Club accounts are for individuals only. However, we know that some people are part of office pools or have friends and family where everyone pitches in to make a group purchase of lottery tickets. An individual who is a VIP Club member can enter those tickets into a promotion by utilizing their own VIP Club account. However, any prize won will be paid to the VIP Club member, not a group. We provide further details about this here in the VIP Club FAQs under Promotions - Ticket Entry & Drawings. Another helpful reference are the Group Play reminders we keep on the Player Security section of our website here.

I have forgotten/want to reset my password. What can I do?

Here is a link you can use for assistance with resetting log-in information through the website. You can also reset your password on the app using the "Update Password" button on the VIP Club log-in screen (see next question).

How do I reset my VIP Club password using the app?

  1. Reset your password by opening the app and tapping the "VIP Club" button.
  2. Scroll down and choose the "Update Password" button.
  3. Type in your email address and you'll receive an email from the VIP Club with a one-time code. If you don't see the email, please check your junk/spam folder. Also, please add to your safe contacts list.
  4. Copy or write down the code then tap the "VIP Club" button in the app.
  5. Type in your email and copy or type in the one-time code from the email you just received.
  6. After logging in with the one-time code, you will be prompted to update your password.

My email address has changed. What should I do?

To update your email address follow these easy instructions.

How do I change my personal account information?

To change your personal account information, log in with your email address and password on the website, then go to the Update Profile page and make your desired profile changes. It's important to keep your information current, as we use it to contact you if you're selected as a winner in a promotion.

How do I access my monthly newsletter and free play?

You'll receive a monthly newsletter and free play if you have "Yes" checked next to "Receive Email Communications", on the Account Management, Update Profile page.

You'll receive the newsletter and free play by email, but you can also access them online when you are logged in to the VIP Club through the website using the "VIP Connection & Free Play" link on the left-hand side of your screen.

Who do I contact if I have a question or comment?

Please use our Contact Form.

I notice that I can store login name and password in my computer. Does this site use cookies?

Yes, if you wish to store your login name and password and not have to re-enter that information, you can store the information as a cookie. Cookies are harmless text files that the VIP Club site uses to store this information. There is nothing harmful that can hurt your computer. However, if you are using a public computer at a library, etc., do not store this information there.

Why must I supply my email address on the Member Profile page?

We need your email address to send you alerts and to provide you with your password if you forget it. We also use your email address to notify you if you win in a drawing.

What if I don't want to receive email from you?

When you join the VIP Club, you agree to receive email notifications from the lottery. If you decide you don't want to receive any of our emails, you must log in to your account, then click on the Update Profile link and change your preference to "no." If you have indicated you do not want to receive email notifications, we will not email you unless you need to be specifically reached, as in the instance of winning a prize.

Please be aware, however, that if you choose not to receive email from us, you will not receive your monthly free play, as those are delivered via email.

Why must JavaScript be enabled on my computer?

This site uses JavaScript to ensure that form information is correctly completed. If JavaScript is not enabled, please check your Internet browser, anti-virus or firewall documentation.

VIP Club: Promotions - Ticket Entry & Drawings

What tickets are eligible for promotions?

Each promotion will have a specific game(s) deemed eligible for entry. A list of active promotions and information about eligible games can be found under the Promotions tab. Note that there may be times when we do not have an active promotion.

Why aren't all nonwinning tickets eligible for entry in VIP Club promotions?

There are certain eligible games for our different promotions. Not all nonwinning tickets are eligible for our Play It Again®® promotions. Consult the Promotions tab for further information.

Do I need to keep my tickets after I enter them in a promotion?

You do not need to keep your nonwinning tickets after entering them in order to claim a prize in a promotion. However, for promotions where you enter using a lotto or InstaPlay ticket (like Powerball or Cherry Twist Progressive), be sure you have checked that ticket for winners before disposing of it.

How do the drawing entries work?

You can enter tickets from any eligible game(s) within the specified entry period for each promotion. We will select winners from among only those eligible entries that were submitted during the posted entry period.

How are winners contacted?

The Iowa Lottery will use the contact information you supplied when you registered for your VIP Club account to contact you if you win a prize. Lists of winners will be posted on the lottery website and the app.

My VIP Club entry that won a prize is from a ticket purchased as part of a group (i.e., office pool, neighborhood friends). How will the prize be paid?

VIP Club prizes are paid to the individual who is the VIP Club member. If the VIP Club member claims the prize on behalf of a group, they must indicate this on the Winner Claim Form. In addition, when claiming the prize they must submit a Federal Form 5754, listing all the winners of the prize with their address and tax identification information. This ensures that the prize and tax withheld are correctly allocated to each group member. If the winnings are a cash amount, the lottery will issue the prize payment to the VIP Club member. If it is a merchandise prize, the lottery will award the entire winnings to the VIP Club member. The lottery suggests that the VIP Club member and their group seek legal and/or financial advice for additional questions about claiming a prize on behalf of a group.

When I was contacted regarding winning a VIP Club promotion prize, DocuSign was referenced. What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a secure site that allows Iowa Lottery VIP Club promotion prize winners to sign documents - in this case a claim form and W-9 – and file them electronically to save a stamp or a trip to the lottery office.

NOTE: DocuSign is only used to claim prizes won by entering a VIP Club Promotion. It is NOT used to claim ticket winnings at this time. For further information on the DocuSign process, please visit our Docusign FAQ page.

For further information regarding VIP Club: Promotions - Ticket Entry & Drawings click here.