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FAQs: Ticket Entry and Related Topics

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Which numbers do I enter on my ticket?

Enter an eligible, nonwinning scratch ticket the easy way with the app and scan your ticket to enter.

Or, to enter manually, you'll need the 10-digit entry number from the front of the ticket and ticket number, which is found on the back. The 10-digit entry number is found under the latex area on the front of your scratch ticket and can't be seen until it is scratched off. Three of the numbers in that 10-digit code are inside a rectangular box. The ticket number is under the bar code on the back of the ticket. If you need additional help finding the numbers to enter, click on the Scratch ticket example link on the Enter Drawings page.

For a lotto or InstaPlay ticket, refer to the example on the entry page for the promotion.

Do I need to keep my tickets after I enter them in a promotion?

You do not need to keep your nonwinning tickets after entering them in order to claim a prize in a promotion. However, for promotions where you enter using a lotto or InstaPlay ticket (like Powerball or Cherry Twist Progressive), be sure you have checked that ticket for winners before disposing of it.

What is a lotto ticket/game?

This is a ticket for any game sold from an Iowa Lottery terminal. Our current lotto games are Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Lucky for Life, Pick 3 and Pick 4.

What is an InstaPlay ticket/game?

InstaPlay is an instant ticket that comes from the lotto terminal - it could be called a "scratchless scratch ticket."

Are all lotto or InstaPlay games eligible for entry?

No. Like our scratch game promotions, a specific game or ticket will be designated as the entry ticket(s) in the promotion rules.

How can I view the entries that I've made?

Log in with your email and password. Click on the Ticket History page link. There, you'll be able to see your entries, including the date and time you made the entry and the ticket name and number.

My entry is not being accepted. What can I do?

Please fill out a contact form to provide us with the specifics you are experiencing so we can help.

Be aware that:

  • You can make a maximum of 40 entries per day, and incorrect entries count as part of that 40-entry limit. Once you have hit that limit, you will be unable to enter further tickets until after midnight that day. The daily entry limit serves two purposes: 1.) It protects against those trying to make fraudulent entry attempts through "phishing," and 2.) It is a social responsibility tool designed to help guard against problem gambling.
  • Only eligible tickets can be entered. For example, if you try to enter a winning scratch ticket, it will not be accepted. Check the Official Rules of the promotion you are entering for details on eligible tickets.

Why don't all my ticket entries show in my Ticket History?

Only valid entries from the current promotion will appear in your ticket history. Immediately upon entering the codes from a ticket, a message will appear at the top of the ticket entry page stating whether the ticket entry is valid or invalid.

What is an invalid entry?

A ticket entry may be deemed invalid for different reasons, including:

  • It's not from an eligible game. Be sure to check the eligible games list for each promotion.
  • The ticket numbers were entered incorrectly.
  • You've already entered that ticket. The message that will appear will state that the entry is "Invalid/Duplicate Entry."
  • It's a winning scratch ticket. Be sure to double-check your tickets! You can do that by reviewing the ticket itself, taking it to your nearest retailer and using the self-checker there, asking the clerk to scan the ticket for you, or using our app to check it.

How do the drawing entries work?

You can enter tickets from any eligible game(s) within the specified entry period for each promotion. We will select winners from among only those eligible entries that were submitted during the posted entry period.