Win Up To $30,000!

Block-OHow To Play

Reveal all 26 of the "Block Numbers" listed on the right-hand side of the ticket. Then, scratch any matching numbers on the "Block Grid." If you match all 14 spaces around a prize amount, win that prize amount. Spaces marked "FREE" automatically count towards a possible winning combination around that block. Next, scratch the "Bonus Block" spot above the "Block Grid." If you reveal 2 like symbols within this "Bonus Block" play spot, you win prize shown in that spot. If you win any amount in the "Block Grid" and/or in the "Bonus Block" spot, scratch the "Multiplier Box" to see if your prize is multiplied by 1X, 2X, 5X or 10X.

Important Dates
Game Start: 6/5/2017  
End Distribution: 3/29/2021  
Official Game End:  
Last Day To Redeem Prizes:  

Prizes and Odds:

Prize Odds
$3.00 1 in 5.00
$6.00 1 in 25.01
$10.00 1 in 100.00
$15.00 1 in 100.00
$30.00 1 in 100.00
$60.00 1 in 597.79
$100.00 1 in 2,198.46
$200.00 1 in 5,761.49
$1,000.00 1 in 22,784.09
$30,000.00 1 in 125,312.50
Overall Odds 1 in 3.67
For more information see the Block-O Game Rules PDF