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Corporate Logos

Iowa Lottery

Iowa Lottery LOGO
• Iowa Lottery.jpg
• Iowa Lottery.eps

VIP Club

• VIP Club.jpg
• VIP Club.eps

Play It Again

Play It Again® LOGO
• Play It Again.jpg
• Play It Again.eps

Iowa Veterans Trust Fund

Iowa Veterans Trust Fund LOGO
• Veterans Trust Fund.jpg
• Veterans Trust Fund.eps

Survivor Benefits Fund

Survivor Benefits Fund LOGO
• Survivor Benefits Fund.jpg
• Survivor Benefits Fund.eps

Prize Zone

Prize Zone LOGO
• Prize Zone.jpg
• Prize Zone.eps

Player Security

Player Security LOGO
• Player Security.jpg
• Player Security.eps

Sign It… Make It Yours!

Sign It… Make It Yours! LOGO
• Sign It.jpg
• Sign It.eps

Under 21, Can't Buy One

Under 21, Can't Buy One LOGO
• Under 21.jpg
• Under 21.eps


Some Iowa Lottery logos and game names require a registration mark or trade mark symbol when displayed as an image or used in printed copy, as noted here. Usually when one of these words or phrases is utilized in a section of text, you only have to use the "®" or "™" symbol the first time tt appears. All such symbols should be set in "superscript" type.

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