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Game Logos and Tickets

Iowa's Powerball with Power Play & Double Play

Iowa Powerball ticket

Ticket Image
• Iowa Powerball Ticket.jpg
• Iowa Powerball Ticket.eps
Iowa Powerball graphic
Ticket Graphic
• Iowa Powerball Graphic.jpg
• Iowa Powerball Graphic.eps

Iowa's Mega Millions with Megaplier

Iowa Mega Millions with Megaplier logo Game Logo
• Iowa Mega Millions.jpg
• Iowa Mega Millions.eps

Iowa Mega Millions Ticket

Ticket Image
• Iowa Mega Millions Ticket.jpg
• Iowa Mega Millions Ticket.eps
Iowa Mega Millions Graphic
Ticket Graphic
• Iowa Mega Millions Graphic.jpg
• Iowa Mega Millions Graphic.eps

Iowa's Lotto America with All Star Bonus

Lotto America with All Star Bonus logo Game Logo
• Iowa Lotto America.jpg
• Iowa Lotto America.eps

Lotto America Ticket

Ticket Image
• Iowa Lotto America Ticket.jpg
• Iowa Lotto America Ticket.eps
Lotto America Graphic
Ticket Graphic
• Iowa Lotto America Graphic.jpg
• Iowa Lotto America Graphic.eps

Iowa's Lucky for Life

Iowa Lucky for Life logo Game Logo
• Iowa Lucky for Life.jpg
• Iowa Lucky for Life.eps

Iowa Lucky for Life Ticket

Ticket Image
• Iowa Lucky for Life Ticket.jpg
• Iowa Lucky for Life Ticket.eps
Iowa Lucky for Life Graphic
Ticket Graphic
• Iowa Lucky for Life Graphic.jpg
• Iowa Lucky for Life Graphic.eps

Iowa's Pick 3

Iowa Pick 3 logo Game Logo
• Iowa Pick 3.jpg
• Iowa Pick 3.eps

Iowa Pick 3 Ticket
Ticket Image
• Iowa Pick 3 Ticket.jpg
• Iowa Pick 3 Ticket.eps

Iowa's Pick 4

Iowa Pick 4 logo Game Logo
• Iowa Pick 4.jpg
• Iowa Pick 4.eps

Iowa Pick 4 Ticket

Ticket Image
• Iowa Pick 4 Ticket.jpg
• Iowa Pick 4 Ticket.eps

Buying Tickets

Buying Tickets

Buying Tickets
• Buying Tickets.jpg
• Buying Tickets.eps

Cash Purchase

Cash Purchase
• Cash Purchase.jpg
• Cash Purchase.eps

Debit Purchase

Debit Card Purchase
• Debit Card Purchase.jpg
• Debit Card Purchase.eps

Game Selection

Game Selection Purchase
• Game Selection Purchase.jpg
• Game Selection Purchase.eps

Iowa Playslips

Ticket Checker Stand

Ticket Checker Stand
• Ticket Checker Stand.jpg
• Ticket Checker Stand.eps

Powerball Lotto America & Pick 4

Iowa Playslips: Powerball, Lotto America & Pick 4
• PB LA P4 Playslips.jpg
• PB LA P4 Playslips.eps

Mega Millions Lucky for Life & Pick 3

Iowa Playslips: Mega Millions, Lucky for Life & Pick 3
• MM L4L P3 Playslips.jpg
• MM L4L P3 Playslips.eps

Product Category Logos

Iowa's InstaPlay logo InstaPlay Games Logo
• InstaPlay.jpg
• InstaPlay.eps


Instant-Scratch Games logo
Instant-Scratch Games Logo
• Instant-Scratch Games.jpg
• Instant-Scratch Games.eps


Pull-Tab Games logo
Pull-Tab Games Logo
• Pull-Tab Games.jpg
• Pull-Tab Games.eps


Some Iowa Lottery logos and game names require a registration mark or trade mark symbol when displayed as an image or used in printed copy, as noted here. Usually when one of these words or phrases is utilized in a section of text, you only have to use the "®" or "™" symbol the first time it appears. All such symbols should be set in "superscript" type.

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