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About InstaPlay

InstaPlay is an instant ticket that comes from the lotto terminal - it could be called a "scratchless scratch ticket." Experience lightning-fast play at your favorite retailer today!

InstaPlay Games Available

How To Play

  • Playing is fast and easy: You get InstaPlay games where you buy Powerball®, but they play like a scratch ticket. No waiting for a drawing to take place and no play slip to fill out - you can play immediately.
  • Tickets are available at a variety of prices.
  • InstaPlay tickets are printed right at the Iowa Lottery terminal when you buy them. Listen for the "cha-ching" sound so you know your ticket was just printed.
  • You'll find easy play instructions on each InstaPlay ticket. Simply match your play numbers/symbols to see if you won. It's that simple!
  • InstaPlay tickets cannot be cancelled.
  • InstaPlay prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the date of purchase.

About Progressive Games

  • Some InstaPlay games offer a chance to win a progressive jackpot worth thousands of dollars.
  • For progressive games, the jackpot begins at a set minimum value then grows with each ticket sold statewide until someone wins.
  • You'll find estimated jackpot amounts on this website and on the Lottery In Motion screens in retail locations. However, the actual jackpot amount that applies to your InstaPlay ticket will be listed at the top of your ticket.
  • In progressive games, a single ticket holder is awarded the entire jackpot, minus applicable taxes
  • Remember that you can win other prizes besides the jackpot on progressive games, too, so be sure to check your ticket carefully. Have it checked at your favorite retailer to see if you have won a prize.

Prize Payouts & Odds

Odds and prizes will vary according to the particular InstaPlay game. See each game's page for complete details.

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